Pinky and Bubs

Books & Stories Illustrated by Susan Spellman

For young children:

Wild Dolphin Rider Wild Dolphin Rider see more

Every Turtle Counts  Every Turtle Counts see more

Charley Charley see more

Satchi and Little Star  Satchi and Little Star see more

Oscar the Herring Gull Oscar the Herring Gull see more

Mabel takes a paddle  Mabel Takes a Paddle 

Where is Simon, Sandy?  Where is Simon, Sandy?  see more

Trevor and Timbo  How Timbo & Trevor Got Together see moreBookCovers

Pinky and Bubs  Pinky & Bubs' Stinky Night Out see more

Par for the Course  Par for the Course see more

The horse jar  The Horse Jar see more

Spiders in my Stomach  Spiders in My Stomach see more

My heart is sad My Heart is Sad  see more

Bright Easter Day  Bright Easter Day see more

Lola "Lola"  see more

Darcie Dines Out  Darcie Dines Out   see more

Red Riding Hood  Red Riding Hood   see more

For older children:

Hurricane Mia

american flag

way to go


As long as the river shall run

Civil War stories

draw history